Steel Rule Die

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At Kentex Industries, Inc. we design high quality steel rule dies engineered to your specifications.

Steel rule dies are manufactured for a variety of industries ranging from textile, leather, plastics, electronics, printing, packaging, medical, and automotive.

Sharpened steel blades are held in place by a base of hard rock maple dieboard, clear plastic or synthetic resin based materials when close tolerances require stability against atmospheric changes. Tight tolerances are achievable whether the base is processed using a laser or a jigsaw. The steel rule thickness typically runs between .021" and .084" inches. Height of the steel rule can be from .918" to 3.0". The die can contain different types and heights of rule to achieve folds, tear lines (perf cuts) or to partially cut through a material, often called kiss cutting.

Based on the particular application there are also different options for the steel rule cutting edge:

  • center bevel
  • facet bevel
  • flush bevel
  • side bevel

A center bevel rule has a “V” shape and centered cutting edge. The longer the bevel and the narrower the thickness point of the rule, the straighter the cut. This is the most common and durable configuration.

A facet bevel rule is diamond shaped with a centered cutting edge resulting in cleaner cuts.

A flush bevel has a cutting edge that is in line with one of the faces of the rule. It can be inside or outside with the straight line facing the die cut part and the bevel angle facing the waste.

A side bevel has a slightly off center cutting edge and is useful for cutting rigid material and closed shapes.


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