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At Kentex Industries, Inc. we utilize precision machinery and state-of-the-art cutting technology to provide you with accurate die cut products that meet your specifications. With this equipment we are able to offer a range of die cutting services for a variety of materials in roll or sheet form ranging from bulk parts to intricately designed components. From hand fed presses to digital machinery, our in house equipment is ready to process your order.

The equipment we use for flatbed steel rule die cutting projects are: Hydraulic clicker presses of various sizes for sheet or progressive die cutting. The steel rule die can be mounted to the head of these presses, be of a clear bases design for careful placement onto materials for the best yield from a given sheet size, or for larger parts, laid upon the press bed with the material then laid upon the die for progressive cutting. For progressive cutting we are capable of handling large sheets or roll stock up to a 65 inch web width.

Thomson National “Clamshell” Platen presses are used for steel rule die cutting, thermal die / kiss cutting of film graphics, and smoother die cutting of plastic sheets utilizing a stationary die and a moveable platen assembly that holds the sheet of stock that is to be cut. The platen is moved in sequence through a cam drive to a die cutting position. In the case of thermal die cutting the press is heated transferring the heat into the blades of the die offering improved edge quality for plastic sheet materials. For pressure sensitive vinyl kiss cutting we utilize a magnesium thermal plate to cut the film graphic without heavy lifting or cutting of the backing material. Besides various plastics other applications include converting packaging boxes and other corrugated material, solid fibers, foam core, copper and printers (dead soft) aluminum.

Digital plotters are used for prototypes, sample making, and production runs when the parts are very intricate and or the production can be achieved at a lower total cost than the combination of tooling combined with die-cutting. We are able to cut printed or un-printed material from thin adhesives and films, plastics up to .060” styrene, corrugated plastics up to 4mm, and board stocks. We can apply creasing, cut-scoring, and kiss cutting as well at trimming the final finished part to shape. Progressive cutting is a capability and sheet or web width can be up to 60 inches.

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