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As we are a custom job shop there is no one formula sheet we can utilize to meet all of our customers and potential customers needs. Please give us the information you have available and/or feel we need to know.

We accept and can load directly into our cad system PDF, DXF, DWG, EPS, and AI files. We can view GIF, JPG and TIF files and faxes. For cutting quotes we request, quantity, the type and thickness material, whether you wish us to provide the material or you plan do to so, packaging requirements and part qualification / certification requirements and other information pertinent to your project.

For steel rule dies, if you have specific criteria you are used to let us know. If you do not have established criteria since we also have years of experience in die cutting we can provide a die suitable for the material you need to cut. It is helpful to know the type of press you plan to use and the number of cavities (sometimes referred to as the number of outs).

We are of course happy to take your phone call.

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