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Quality Policy of KENTEX Industries

Our policy is to produce a quality product with a very low spoilage factor. Every employee is expected and trusted to stop production due to flawed raw materials or production problems. We ask our customers to specify any quality control or inspection procedures required at the time a quotation is requested. We should also be advised of general company quality control, inspection or documentation requirements.

Following is information about our manufacturing and measuring systems; layouts are produced on an IPDS CAD system, we plot a Mylar copy of the drawing using a Graphtec model FC2202-90 or Data Technologies 170WB flatbed plotter. All dies are dimensionally checked with an ACU-GAGE Quadra-check 2000 optical measuring device before being released for shipment or to our production department. Our production department uses the ACU-GAGE to dimensionally check the production parts.

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